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  ENG/POL text The first TiA CiBANi KiDS collection was created on a whim, when a longtime friend and children’s wear supporter of designer…

EFVVA SS’19 „Super Power”

ENG/POL text Inspiration that is behind this collection are pop art artists such as Robert Rauschenberg and Roy Lichtenstein. The collection is playful and…


Dada FASHION. RaspberryPlum SS’19

ENG/POL text For Spring Summer seasons RaspberryPlum collection takes it’s inspiration from Dada, the art movement which originated at the beginning of 20th century….

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Horizons & Horyzonty

ENG/POL The story of Little Creative Factory’s latest collection, Horizons – AW18, takes place under a bright winter sun where an iridescent, deep blue…