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Photography: YASIN RAHIM


CAVALIER celebrates Japanese culture this fall with embroidered motifs, traditional silhouettes and multi-functional pieces.
Juxtaposing polar opposites of it’s creative paradigm and tough Japanese-American workwear comes the Saki series of utilitarian pieces for our artistic prodigies. Stitched from comfortable stretch pinstriped denim and accented with colourful paracord and old school brass snap buttons, the Saki series includes a skirt and a “ammo/ammunition” belt bag that holds crayons for little artists’ easy access and 2-way wide leg pants which button at the ankles to transform into harem pants, reminiscent of what Japanese builders wear on site.

japanese culture
Another multi-functional piece is the unisex Yugen Dress Playsuit – a velour dress peppered with Japanese Sakura blooms that buttons at the bottom to transform into a playsuit. CAVALIER also flips the traditional samurai stereotype with an aztec weave, resulting in the wearable drama of the Yugen Cardigan.
Majime describes earnest reliability, represented in this collection by beautifully foiled and purposefully distressed cotton formed into an easy oversized top and a slip-on yukata which comes with a reversible obi “cheat” belt, much easier to put on than the traditional sash.

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On a more delicate note, CAVALIER introduces abstract brushstroke, floral and camouflage prints on chiffon, perfectly intended for the Komo (short for komorebi – sunlight filtering through trees) and Ukiyo (meaning to live in the moment) series of ethereal flow.
Smart casual staples for this collection include the Ikigai series of lace accented pieces as well the old school cool that is the Shibui series of easy dailywear.



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